Meet Catie

Concierge Nurse Services is built on the honest and caring role of the nursing profession.  Nurses love what they do, but in the hospital system they don't always get to do what they are trained to do - Care for patients.  We love to advocate and stand up for patients, make sure they are healing or just be someone who listens and understands what you are going through.

Concierge Nurse Services was created because having a nurse advocate is so powerful. 
You don't have to go it alone.  We are here for you and your loved ones.

Catie has 20 years of experience as a nurse at all levels - as a bedside nurse, as a nurse practitioner, a first assist to the surgeons in the operating room,  as an academic and working in corporate healthcare.  She understands what you are going through.  She has an expertise in surgical healing and support as well as trusted relationships with surgeons in the area. 

Catie will assure that her nurses assist you with all your postoperative surgery needs after you have been released from your surgeon’s care.  She envisioned Concierge Nurse Services as a way to make the postoperative recovery experience memorable, not miserable.  With care in the privacy of your home or hotel, Catie's nurses will ensure you have a restful, comfortable and stress-free recovery.

Allow us to assist you with all of your pre/post plastic surgery needs and solve any unforeseen problems that may arise to assure you the best experience possible.

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Catie harris, phd, mba, rn
Founder and ceo

Catie has been a neurosurgical nurse for over 20 years.  She has worked in the hospital in the wards, in the operating room, in the outpatient setting and in the intensive care unit.  Catie has a very strong background in wound care and dealing with fast talking, jargon laded surgeons.  She can tell by the look on your face if you have any idea what the surgeon is saying... and more importantly, she knows the questions you should be asking.  Catie has also taught nurses for over 10 years in the academic setting and recruited nurse practitioners as the Senior Manager for Talent Acquisition for the Walmart Care Clinics.  She knows what makes an incredible nurse and she hires only the best.

My vision for Concierge Nurse Services is to ensure every patient having surgery gets elite and enhanced nursing care. Our nursing expertise gives us the ability to navigate the healthcare system for you, so you experience a level of convenience and privacy in the healthcare system that is unparalleled.
— Catie Harris, Owner Concierge Nurse Services