Nurse center

This section is for nurses who are independent contractors associated with Concierge Nurse Services.  In this section, you will find out
how to get started, job expectations, how to get paid and forms you will need to complete.

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Getting started

If this is your first time on this section of the website, please watch these orientation videos to help you assimilate into our company, our culture and to learn what you need to know to keep working with us.

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job Expectations

As an independent contractor, you will perform your nursing duties the way that you see fit when you are with the patient.  However, there are job expectations that must be met, including protocols to follow, forms to complete, licenses to keep updated and information sharing.  In this section, you will find flowcharts and the tools and resources we use at Concierge Nurse Services.

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Getting Paid

Everyone wants to get paid!  Here is the process to getting paid, submitting corrections to payments,
changing information, etc.

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In this section you will find the forms you need to work for Concierge Nurse Services.